Courageous On Purpose

“The highest courage is to dare to appear to be what one is.” - John Lancaster Spalding

How true to yourself are you really being? With social media, the internet and all of modern technology, many people are putting up false fronts of who they are projecting to be. As Aesop said, “It is easy to be brave from a safe distance.” And that’s what our phones and computers allow us to do, be at a safe distance…

Take a moment to look through your social posts. How true of a representation of who you truly are is coming through in what you put out there. Thomas Jefferson said, “Honesty is the first chapter of the book of wisdom.” This includes being honest with yourself! Are you being honest with yourself, do you have the courage to face yourself in the mirror and step into your greater self?

Whether it is a job you hate, a relationship that isn’t working, a dream you are not pursuing but know in your heart that it really would light you up, being honest with yourself and having the courage to appear to be what one is… is the only way to live the life you are destined for. Take time today and everyday to be Courageous On Purpose.

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