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Discover a complete system for Unlocking Your Unlimited Potential

  • Eliminate the 4 Enemies of your Success
  • Activate your Automatic Abundance Attractor
  • Stress less and live more
  • Learn to eliminate the language of failure
  • Achieve balance in Happiness, Health Wisdom and Wealth!

Being Abundant - The Law of Being

Discover your “WHO”
The one question that changed everything for me allowing me to finally be ME!

  – Dan Beldowicz

Being Wealth - The Law of Being

Stop repelling wealth
Tune in to abundance and create a powerful abundance plan worth pursuing

How you will transform through the Law of Being?

Create sustainable change in your life and breakthrough the walls that hold you back.

Your current reality - Law of Being - Dan BeldowiczCurrent Reality

Discover where you are…
for REAL, if you way isn’t
working…why are you here?

The Journey - The Law of Being - Dan BeldowiczThe Journey

Discover where you are…
for REAL, if you way isn’t
working…why are you here?

Who are you Being - Law of BeingWho are you Being

You aren’t being true to
yourself…find out why and
how to let the true you out!

Being at Choice - The Law of BeingBeing at Choice

Unlock your potential by
taking control over one of
the most important
aspects of your life.

Being Conscious - Law of BeingBeing Conscious

Prevent worry, fear, doubt,
anger, victimization, guilt,
and other destructive thoughts.

Being Abundant - Law of BeingBeing Abundant

Get the 5-Step process for
creating success and
attracting abundance.

Being Happiness - Law of BeingBeing Happiness

Find the 10 secrets to
happiness and how to
effortlessly live a positive,
abundant life.

Being Health - The Law of BeingBeing Health

Listen to the warnings
signs your body is giving
you and transform your

Being Wisdom - Law of BeingBeing Wisdom

Get the F.A.C.T.S.,
discover self-mastery, and
tune into wisdom.

Being Wealth - Law of BeingBeing Wealth

Shift your money mindset
and get the secrets to
wealthy abundance.

Being the Change - The Law of BeingBeing the Change

Be able to share you,
the real you without
worry, fear or doubt.

What you get with the Law of Being?

law of being

Law of Being
Work Book

A 200+ page full-color Self-Mastery Workbook so you can take this work further and more fully implement the Law of Being into your life.

11 Law of Being CD’s

11 Audio CD’s that walk you through a step-by-step system for unlocking your true potential.  Your personal guide, Bruce D. Schneider, explains all the concepts, principles and exercises, and helps you make the Law of Being work for you to create abundance in happiness, health, wisdom and wealth.

law-of-being cds
law-of-being journal

Law of Being Journal

A personal journal that will help you track your progress and continuously increase your awareness of “who you are being” at each moment.

Bonus – The ______ Technique

A bonus CD containing the most powerful technique available for manifesting what you desire.

law-of-being secret technique
eli - energy leadership index assessment

Bonus – Energy Leadership Index Assessment

There are no limits as to the potential growth that you can achieve. Discover the energy that is holding you back and learn to create happiness, health, wisdom and wealth in every area of your LIFE!

Bonus – Energy Leadership Book

A copy of the fast-selling book, Energy Leadership, which will further deepen your understanding of how our Energy and thoughts shape our reactions and thus our results.

Energy Leadership Book

Law of Being Packages

  • Energy Leadership Index Only
    $97 Usually $139
    • Online Assessment
    • Personalized Results
    • Recorded Debrief
    • Over 30% Off

  • 16 Weeks of Law of Being Coaching
    • 1 - LIVE one-on-one 60 Minute Debrief
    • 16 - LIVE one-on-one 30 minute sessions
    • 220 page Workbook
    • 11 Law of Being CD’s
    • Law of Being Journal
    • Secret Manifestation CD
    • Personalized Online Assessment Results
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