How to Increase Business Marketing with Video

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Video Marketing for BusinessesVideo marketing has gotten so much publicity as an amazing way to market and grow your business, but you might be left wondering, “Should I be using video to market my business?” or “How can video help my business?”.

In this article you will find out just how indispensable video is for your business and how you can leverage the second largest search engine…YouTube.

First, let’s answer the question of “Should I be using video to market my business?” Short answer… Yes.

The top benefits to marketing with video are below:

1)      Positioning – establish yourself as an expert, videos allows your audience to get to know, like and trust you. They can see you, hear your voice, get a sense of your personality, it is much more persuasive than just writing an article or a description of your product /service. When you market with video you become the expert people trust you.

2)      Sellu-cation – video marketing can pre-sell a product or service by simply demonstrating the Feature, Advantages Benefits of the product/service. Focus the point of the video on one specific feature so it is to the point and answers only that one question. This information/education can get people into a buying state and build persuasive momentum to use your product or service. Answer frequently asked questions, should ask questions, and how to’s in order to market your business with video and position you as an expert.

3)      Search Engine Optimization – YouTube at this point is the second largest search engine, right behind Google, so when a person cannot find something in Google they go to YouTube to look for a video on it. Not only does an optimized video show up well in YouTube, it can also show up well in Google. Targeting high value key phrases in YouTube can give you the edge over your competition for competitive phrases. Use key phrases in the title, description and the tags of the video in order to show up.

4)      Theft Prevention – many of our clients and even our own website has been stolen! Yes, the internet is great but there are those that use it to cheat and steal. In one case another internet marketing company copied our entire services page, and pasted it on their website verbatim…Bad Idea. We found it when we received a Google Alert that our name appeared on someone else’s website. They left our name on the page! This is much more difficult with video, people can recreate the video, but that would mean work, and they certainly won’t take your video and send it to their prospects since your video is about you and your product or service.

5)      Versatility – videos can be used as sales tools, marketing, informational, as a compliment to offline marketing, the options are limited to your creativity. For example, you could use a QR Code on your business card that goes to a video of you. If a person forgets who you are or what you do, they can scan your card and watch a video of your describing how you can help them.

While these are just some of the benefits of marketing with video, the list goes on and on. When combined with a complete Social Media Business Strategy you are able to increase quality leads and grow your business.

To recap, create informational/educational videos to capture the interest of your audience. Position yourself as an expert in your field and get people to know like and trust you. Get your videos out there, since a video on your hard drive will do you no good, optimize for target key phrases and post to YouTube. Have a strong call to action at the end of the video to tell people what to do next.

Market your business with video while it is still an opportunity, start developing your video marketing plan today.

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