Oreo Superbowl Blackout Tweet
Oreo’s Superbowl Blackout Tweet
February 6, 2013
Digital Marketing Strategy - Dan Beldowicz
What’s your Digital Marketing Strategy?
March 12, 2013

Your Blog cannot exist in a silo, and many people don’t realize that this is not the Field of Dreams, where if you build it they will come. That is why most people never make a dime online, they never get more that a couple hundred or couple thousand visitors every month.

To market your blog take time, and a continuous effort to build awareness and build quality visitors and influencers to you site. Ultimately you want them to read, comment, share and take action. So I have compiled a list of Blog Directories that you can market your blog on and begin to get inbound links to your site.

<a href=”http://blogville.us/” title=”blogville.us”>blogville.us</a>


Dan is a Motivational Speaker and Coach empowering others to find their purpose and live their dreams. It's time to take Life On, Live Full Out and Get What You Want Out of Life.

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