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February 6, 2013
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February 7, 2013
Oreo Superbowl Blackout Tweet


With a team of 15 social media strategists, designers, and copywriters watching the game and ready to respond to anything that happened. So when the power went out for half an hour this social media team  took the opportunity to leverage an un-distracted audience. Since nothing was going on in the game, people took to their phones and checked emails, Facebook, Twitter and many other social channels.

The “Power out? No Problem.” tweet has been retweeted over 15, 936 times and favorited 6,025 times.

Compare those numbers to the tweet they sent out right after their “Whisper Fight” ad (24 retweets) appeared and you can see how this social culture is all about opportune moments.

Are you ready to respond to current events through your facebook or twitter accounts?

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