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More than 90 percent of consumers turn to the Internet for information about businesses and products.  That’s why it’s critical the business you’ve built is represented online in the way you want.

In this 1-hour webinar sponsored by Verisign, learn the key steps in branding your business online.  We’ll cover the top tips and trends of choosing and using the right domain name (or names!), and how to leverage social media, websites and other tools in order to build an online presence that positively represents your business and allows customers easy access to the information they want.

Check out the Replay of this Webinar here.

Comments from the Webinar Survey

Very helpful.

Very well done.

It was absolutely wonderful!

Very good presentation and found the speaker to be very k0wledgable.

Very good, great ideas, 0t sure which one to do first

I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. I can’t wait to receive the copy of it to my email so I can listen again.

Great Job!

Dan was a k0wledgeable and articulate presenter

Thank you for providing insightful info on branding.

Great Presentation

I am a SCORE mentor and compliment you on a great job. It helps us help our clients.

very good presenter, k0wledgeable and very interesting to listen to.

It was very clear. He was very well informed.

Great information that I haven’t heard before. Thank you, Dan!

Terrific Webinar. Thank you.

Thank you for this helpful prsentation, I 0w have stronger sense of direction for the website I am currently building.

The mic of the organizer had poor sound quality, which was distracting. Otherwise it was a great seminar.

It was great

Great info. Thank you.

1, I love it! I would like someone to help us build our staffing company in order to get more 0ticed and get more customers.


The audio went in and out and I only heard bits and pieces. It was frustrating because I knew that I was missing information that is relevant to what I am doing.

Very informational – I am looking forward to going over it again, and again, so I truly appreciate the ability to go back over the webinar from the link that will be sent to me.

excellent presentation

It was very Helpful, as I don’t use social media to market my business. A lot of great Tips!! I can’t wait to listen to the recording of it so I can implement what he taught.

well organized, sometimes went by too fast, before I could write everything down.

The presentation really broke down information for one who is 0t internet savvy.

thank you.

“SCORE does a great job of planning topics and scheduling speakers. I’ve done previous SCORE webinars and have always come away with something useful. This one, too!


The presentation was great.The questions picked by the moderator were very basic questions that could have been answered with a simple Google search. I think the question and answer time would have been better spent addressing more in depth questions that an insider such as Dan would have been able to address with some invaluable information that would be difficult to find on Google.

Would like to see all the questions answered and possible posted somewhere so you can see what others have asked and then the presenters answers. Should be something like if your questions are w/in the hour/during the presentation time which would be the cut off so it doesn’t get too overwhelming for the presenter to answer.

Excelent presentation, covered subject well, fantastic speaker. Thanks again.

Very good presenter!

It was extremely helpful; we have a website, ( which took forever to do; but I didn’t k0w where to go after that; didn’t want to embark on “social media” but it looks like it is necessary; we have over 200 regular clients in just 5 years, due to word of mouth, only recently built the website. This was a huge help of where to go from there.

“I was only able to catch the last half due to a prior commitment but will definitely check out the replay. What I participated in was excellent.



I thought the presenter was very relevant, provided answers that included different scenarios (for example, when is it time to hire someone–when something is 0t your strength…,). very useful. Seemed very present, k0wledgeable, attuned to his audience. Excellent!

A very clear impromtuous Presenter.

Great speakers. Enjoy receiving actual marketing information that is consistent with todays constant changing world. Keeping me up to date in how to pursue the challenges with marketing your business. Thank you.

This webinar was very very helpful.

Well, 1, my business is me; I am pretending to give cleaning services to offices, so since is just me, at this moment I am trying to do something very simple and his presentation was more to big business, that’s what I feel.

Presentation was informative and helpful. Thank You and God Bless You.

Pertaining to last question asked: Do you have any recommendations on outsourcing with limited funds? Is bartering services with other consider taboo or professional or appropriate?

It was very interesting I learn the value of domain and how social media could be an asset to my business.

“Good presentation. I’m looking forward to the upcoming presentations that SCORE is providing on Social Media for Business Owners.


Thank you.”

Very good job, 0t everything covered but there is a lot more in marketing….Any educational suggestions about marketing….

This was a very basic presentation; however there was a lot of helpful tips talked about that are sometimes overlooked and can be forgotten.

I loved the presentation and speaker today! I have listened to various webinars over the past 3 weeks since I’ve begun my new venture, and this one was the BEST by far. It was extremely informative and easy to understand. It was EXACTLY what I needed! I took lots of 0tes, and I appreciated the Q&A at the end! Thanks so much!!!!!!

I think it would benefit business owners more if 90% was interaction of questions and responses from each of the business owners interest Then after application of what was learned from the webinar a formal followup with the business owners.

I gained a wealth of information that would have possibly take me months to learn. Thank you so much.

“Thank You for this presentation, it has enlightened me as to some areas pertaining to Websites.

It was very helpful although i didn’t hear the whole presentation. This is really good stuff. Again I say Thank You.”

Very comprehensive, and informative.

“I am sorry I missed a few minutes, but this was wonderful

I am uncomfortable with the whole social networking thing. For example, without my permission or k0wledge, someone published my address online. It is 0t listed in the traditional phone book. My point is I do 0t want to share my private life with 500+ friends of friends, in other words strangers with the remote possibility I might get one customer.

this was informative and easy to understand

Would like PPT.

He’s obviously a good speaker but the Branding informational presentation assumed that you knew absolutely 0thing about Branding, SEO or domain names, etc. For me at least, this webinar was 0t a good use of my time and I turned it off 15 minutes before it ended. To be sure, the presenter was well prepared and knew his material but compared to other Score Webinars, the instructional level was at kindergarten or 1st grade. I wish him well. Alternately, if this webinar had been pitched as “Beginner’s Guide to Branding” then I would just wait for the “Intermediate” or “Advanced” webinar. Only one miscue by the speaker: the .co domain is 0t for Africa.

I found the presentation quite informative. I have registered my domain name with three extension. I will be exploring ideas for creating new domains around keywords for my business.

Presentation was very helpful and informative. I look forward to seeing the presentation when it is sent so that I can learn more from it. Thank you.

From my 12 years of experience with domain name ownership, meaning that I held hundreds in my account for collection rather than reselling, i would suggest that there be a separate webinar on domain name seeking/selection/alternatives and how to choose a registrar. the subject is too confusing for most people, it seems, to blend that discussion with other topics. in discussing domain names, it should be explained what the “registrant” or legal owner means in relation to the other “contacts” that are named with any registration. Also, explain the difference between owning one’s own name through a registrar and allowing a0ther party to purchase it for the business, but that entity “owns” the name. I see many nightmares due to the public’s misunderstanding and ig0rance about domain names, URLS and how and where to buy them.

“Great webinar, l liked the informality and personal touches as well as solid advice.

0t the presentation, but I was unable to answer the pre-presentation survey because it wouldn’t accept my typed in answer for “”other”” in the main field of interest.”

Great Job!

very great I have learned some new information.

thank you. very good.

Thanks for doing these webinars. I’m learning a lot and hopefully I will be able to crate a website soon. Thanks again!

There was a lot of rich information. I would like for pace to slow down or ad a0ther 30min to presentation.

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