Webinar – Social Media BS Bootcamp – Day 1

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Social Media BS Bootcamp

Day 1 – Crucial Strategies in the Setup

7/17/2013 – 1:00 – 2:30 pm

Day 1 of the Social Media BS Bootcamp provides the crucial strategies that make the difference between Big Success and true BS. The reason so many companies whine that “Social Media doesn’t work, it’s a waste of time…” is because they haven’t gone through the Social Media BS Bootcamp. Learn who to target, what to post and how to post so that you can convert fan & followers into what you really want…CUSTOMERS!

 Topic and Speaker Ratings

Social Media BS Bootcamp Day 1 Reviews

What Attendees Thought

Excellent!  Thank you so much Dan!

Great presentation

Dan was great and very helpful

“the audio really needs fixed.  I’ve used ready talk in the franchisee validation process and never had a problem, so I think there are some issues with this particular presentation.

great presentation other than the audio going in and out. ”

Very helpful information presented perfectly.  Much appreciated!

Great presentation

Just want to say that I truly appreciate the sharing of his knowledge, thank you

awesome presentation and very informative. I learned a whole lot. Thank you so much!

very helpful; appreciate the info on the background strategy of social media as a foundation for the topic…looking forward to Part 2

Remarkably motivating!

“very GREAT presentation need to share with my Pastor at Church

Thanks you will be here tomorrow as well for part two”

I wish I could hear tomorrow’s presentation but I cannot. I am looking forward to the ebook that Dan mentioned. I liked Dan Beldowicz’s presentation today.

More on Content Creation and SEO ,keyword analysis

Clear and precise presentation … was easy to understand for a senior …

Dan was a great speaker, he kept me interested and went into depth about the things I needed to hear. Thank You!

Great presentation. Loved the videos and imagery. Very interesting presentation and very informative.


Very informative

“It was great information.  I would like to get the slides and/or some reference materials about this subject if possible.  I look forward to day 2 tomorrow. Thank you.”

Excellent presentation! Clear, meaningful & wellorganized  got quite a lot out of it.

Great presentation! The power point was very informative and I liked the videos that the presenter included as part of the presentation.

Excellent, Thank you! There were so many seemingly obvious suggestions but as business owner with the focus on running the business daily not putting the necessary focus on marketing.

Very easy to follow. Enjoyed his enthusiasm. I’m looking forward to part 2 tomorrow.


I want to thank  Dan for helping us with his marketing ideas. Good job Dan!

Can this webinar be available as an archived item?

I would like to received copies of the slides.

The slides changed a little fast but it was great that there were recaps.

very helpful

thank you

“Very good and helpful.

Looking forward to part 2.”

This was a very articulate speaker with a great tone and passion about his message!  Thank you>

This was very informative and I look forward to part two.

So far one of the very best I’ve listened to re: social media!

Does the information apply to non profit organizations.

Very informative!

Quality presentation

this really addressed some of my social media concerns. looking forward to part II

Very engaging!

Great job..

Its very good. It did go pretty fast so note taking was a little challenging but, I noticed we can view it again later. Thank you.

Exactly what I have been needing to learn.

excellent time spend and down to earth class, thank you

This was very good, engaging and a lot of content.  Thank you

I will be using the playback to get a better understanding of the points that I wasn’t able to focus on fully due to distractions at my site. I prefer webinars that give the option to playback. Thanks.

I thought that it was a great presentation, extremely well organized and informational. It was presented in such a way that it was very easy to understand and would like to see more of these.

really enjoyed it, very informative 🙂

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