Webinar – Social Media BS Bootcamp – Day 2

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Social Media BS BootcampDay 2 – Social Media Execution

7/18/2013 – 1:00 – 2:30 pm

Day 2 of the Social Media BS Bootcamp takes you behind the scenes on some Big Successes in Social Media. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are still top dogs when it comes to Social Media, sure Google Plus, Pinterest and a host of others are doing extremely well, spreading your focus is the fastest way to fail. Learn how to schedule your time in social media and make these new media outlets work for your business.

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Social Media BS Bootcamp Day 2 Reviews

What Attendees Thought

Great stuff 2 days in a row from Dan!

Terrific. Clear. A lot of immediately useful information and applicable techniques!

This was awesome – so much information…..  I know I have so much more to learn about social media marketing, but this was a great start.

I couldn’t hear the audio for the last 10 minutes. Otherwise excellent presentation with practical strategies that can be implemented right away.

perfect.  thanks.

Great job.

Excellent content; however, I felt the info. regarding Linked-In was hurriedly presented.

Thank you SCORE for all these great webinars 😀 Really Helpful *^_^*

Really enjoy this speaker! Informative, engaging, and kind. Would take any webinar he taught.

I’d rather have one hour long webinars on more days. 1.5 hours is long. At the same time I don’t know what I’d cut!

very informative presentation and thank you Mr. Dan for the wonderful free resource about SocialMedia Marketing!

No audio was available…very frustrating, buffering in Part 1 ‘lost’ sound, thus, information. I have not received information to retrieve playback copy for either session. What I did hear was very good! Thank you for providing it!

This was probably one of the best webinars I’ve ever listened to.  It was so informative and enlightening.  I really enjoyed the speaker, Dan.  He is a great presenter.  I will be going back to listen again so I can really pull out all of the information.

The most helpful SCORE webinar I have attended. Thank you! I can’t wait to implement Dan’s suggestions in my small business!

great information

Do you send links afterwards that would replay the webinar, or the presentation.

Great delivery – very explicit, concise – excellent

Very informative.  I learned a great deal.  Presentation style was to the point, yet entertaining.

Much of the information was presented too rapidly to take adequate notes!  A lot of good information…would be more helpful to have it presented in additional webinars,

This presenter should lead a hands-on, LIVE, “bring your laptop”, let’s create BASIC social media pages together. Helpful to ‘newbies’.

Dan shared a lot of information, but it was hard for me, as the sole person in a start-up company, to relate to the examples he used.  It seems a world away from what I am capable of doing myself.  Lots of food for thought, and I’ll take it into consideration when constructing my Facebook and LinkedIn business pages.

This was an excellent presentation on social media. It gave me a good introduction to the field.”

It was very helpful and informative. Really appreciate that he took the time to go into detail about each individual social network. It did go a little fast but it covered a lot of really good information.

“1. I enjoyed today’s Part 2. Is there a way to hear Part 1? Thank you.”

Would like to see text versions of the presentation.  The presentation is verbose.  Word choice detracts from credibility.

Thank you for all you do, really!

The audio was in and out most of the time, and at the end I had 0 audio at all.

Loved the speaker, very informational and also entertaining. Felt like he answered many questions I had about social media. Great that he has a way to follow up and learn more through his website. Very professional.

Excellent presentations. I am a very visual learner, and appreciated the images used to convey the lessons.

I know there is such a vast amount of material.  You do a great job at pointing people in the right direction.  I particularly like 2 things you point out, the small pieces that mean so much and understanding it is all a puzzle without a single must do this platform. Thank you for your time, knowledge and presentation skills.

Dan was an excellent speaker. He was easy to listen to and easy to understand. His information was very helpful. Thanks!!

Very nicely put together. Images and especially the videos added spark.

I like it.

Well done!

“This presentation was FABULOUS! It provided a lot of great information on using social media to promote your business and gain customers.

Dan was very engaging as a presenter. He used a lot of great visuals, real world examples and videos.

I would attend any future presentation with Dan as the presenter.”


The speaker could explain some of the social media “language”—such as hashtags in twitter.

Thank you.


The audio was horrible and I couldn’t listen past half-way through the presentation.


Great info from Dan. He is a good presenter.

Other than the audio issues, it was enlightening and engaging.  I would love to see someone provide some of the top apps that businesses (especially small businesses) should utilize on their social media pages (I’m thinking FB primarily).  Thank you for offering this information – even if I had to take off from work to attend.

I have attended many many presentations regarding social media and by far this is the absolute best!!!

“Great presentation although I still could 0t view the video feeds….looking forward to the recorded replays…thank you

“Great job please center your picture it draws my attention away and I don’t see or remember the text.  Go with a picture that has no text behind you.  can’t read it and I’m trying to figure it out.  Looks like a trade show banner and not so professional.

Keep up the good work I really liked the presentation.  I am wondering if we can call on you with questions?  I want to thank you for helping us out by giving your time.  I am a Disabled Vet and this is greatly appreciated.  Just a note I worked for Covey Leadership Center for 6.5yrs after my discharge from the Marines.  It was nice to see you use the Seven Habits as a reference.  Thanks again from all of us vets.”

Thank you for offering to send a link to the presentation since the audio was in and out.  I looking forward to listening to the webinar from start to finish.

Overall very informative –except for the audio.

Loved all the very useful info. I am using it already!

Excellent presentation, Dan! I like the way that you incorporated video and eye-catching graphics to spice up your presentation.

“Thank you for offering this webinar, it was very informative and offered great ideas and insight for me to utilize in building my “”Brand”” and “”Client Base””.

Truly Terrific!”

great job!

Very helpful information.

It was great—Also good that it was two days.  There’s a lot to take in

Another great presentation! The presenter is very knowledgeable and experienced. I enjoyed the presentation and it gave me some insight to do a few things in a different way.

“The information given by Dan Beldowicz was very, very valuable. He demystified a lot of issues regarding online marketing and his strategies were helpful and easy to follow. Thank you.

Very informative!

“I missed Part 1, so appreciate having the recording to go back and review.

Thanks for a great webinar!”

Great presentation that added some value.  It was nice to feel like you were getting value without too much sales pitch.  I could’ve listened to his experience all day.  Great job!

great presentation

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