ben“I have literally been screaming out “I NEED HELP!” Please GOD, Universe, Guardian Angels, send something and/or someone my way. Guess what!? What I put out, came back to me in the form of Dan Beldowicz. If you’re anything like me, working your 9 to 5 to find you’ve stumbled upon a coaching business without any marketing experience. He is the man! Literally 30 mins and my mind was rattling off crazy marketing ideas. I am so thankful and grateful because I was having valley experience lol.” – Ben the Life Coach Carter

amy brand“Dan is an awesome coach!!   His sharp, laser coaching really helped guide me into making more concrete decisions for my life on Who I wanted to show up as in my daily life.  Dan is full of awesome energy that is simply contagious.  By working with Dan, my energy shifted into a more positive direction.  Dan was awesome at helping me organize my thoughts and really helped me create an overall vision for my life.  It was once I had my clear vision, I was really able to move forward with an ”end” goal so to speak.  We created action plans with weekly goal setting objectives.  It was then that I really felt like I was making progress and really heading somewhere awesome.  Dan’s positive, direct & uplifting style really helped empower me to be the person I wanted to be and create a new, and awesome beginning for myself.  Can’t wait to work with Dan again!!” – Amy Brand

Fran-McConnellDan’s knowledge and expertise in marketing and social media was extremely helpful in getting my business up and running. A great coach and motivator, he allowed me to break through my inhibitions and embrace the value of social media so that I could move forward with success. His enthusiasm and insight is bar-none! Thank you, Dan!   – Fran M.

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