Motivation Killed Your Success

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Have you ever gotten motivated to do something?motivation

Of course, but what did you stop doing to follow your motivation.

You see, the only thing that is equal to all of us is time, we all have the same 24 hours to work with each day. How you spend those 24 hours will determine everything in your life. And in order to start doing something you have to have stopped doing another thing. Whether you stopped watching TV to read a book or get on a webinar to learn something new you had to stop one to do the other.

Now Motivation is typically great. But…if you are constantly looking to get motivated and continuously stop doing things, you may be in an endless doom loop where you are getting nowhere.

If you are constantly getting motivated to do something new, you most likely have acquired ADD.  You lose focus and constantly look for the next thing, when you have never completely followed through on that business that idea. The cure for acquired ADD and jumping from opportunity to opportunity is Vision and Persistence. You first have to have a clear vision of what you want then go after it until you get it or have exhausted all ways of attain it. That is discipline, it is persistence, it is not giving up and not quitting.

You don’t have to be motivated inorder to get things done, most things get done because they have to, not because you were motivated to get it done.

Motivation is not about someone standing over you telling you that “You can do it.”

Motivation is different than inspiration

Staying disciplined is where you need to live, this is defined by your habits and changing directions constantly can become a bad habit to form. It can actually become detrimental to your success.

Great motivators can easily sway and derail an undisciplined person and that is ever apparent in network marketing and any kind of marketing.

People are wining that they just are not motivated to do something… Stop wining.  If I wanted to here wining I would just stay home and listen to my kids during the day.

Stop looking to get motivated, start looking to be disciplined.

Everyone likes variety and so many people get bored to fast on the track for success. So the constant new motivation can derail your success just because you get noticed to do something different. (Oh, Look at the Bunny)

Learn to fail forward trying different things that are in line with what you ultimately want to do is great, motivation in different directions gets you nowhere.

Look at what you are doing, and look at your habits. Are they in line with where you want to go? Are you easily motivated to try different things that don’t have anything to do with where you are heading? If yes… Then motivation can be killing your success.

Develop a clear vision of what you want

Get motivated…then stay disciplined

Get motivated to stay disciplined

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