Footsteps Worth Following?

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Today want to bring you something straight from the heart, this was given to me by my youngest son Brendan on father’s day a 2014 and it says “I want to follow in your footsteps” and it really didn’t strike me at that time but it took me a little bit.

As I was reflecting back in on it and thinking, “I love that, and it’s awesome, but am I leaving footprints worth walking in?”  I really started to question all my complements what I’ve done in my life up till this point and where are my footsteps going in the future in? Am I creating footsteps worth following?

I believe we’re all here for that one purpose and figuring out what your purpose and why you’re here is up to you.

So ask yourself

What legacy are you leaving when you leave here?

We only get to play like once so what is it when you leave here you want to be known for ,what legacy are you leaving behind? Are those footprints worth following?

We are all leaders in some way shape or form whether it’s in an organization, a career, in a family or church even in your group of friends. Who’s following who and where are you all going?

In starting to think about what are those footprints that you leave behind, where do they go?

See its not just the destination but what kind of journey do you set them up for? Those footprints in the sand of time that you can never erase, you lived them, you get to choose what footprints you create today and tomorrow so be purposeful when you start thinking about this. Always look where you are going and what kind of journey are you taking people on?

Help them to be courageous, not afraid to fail, to set them up so when they do fall, they get right back up.

Leaving a legacy of helping others enjoy life not just sitting back on the couch watching inane reality TV shows but wake up on purpose start making footprints worth following

Comment below I want to hear what kind of footprints you’re going to start making going forward from today!

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