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Mind the GapThe gap I’m talking about is the “knowing doing gap”. Now for all you city folk you know from the subway there is a “mind the gap” reminder on the subway floor so you don’t fall between the train in the platform.  It’s a reminder we all need to mind the gaps in our lives. We are all doing things that we know we shouldn’t be doing and we are all not doing things we know we should be doing and most times those are the exact things that will give us exactly what we want.

You see, we are constantly out looking for new innovations, new ways to do things, new information, new education, another way to do something, somebody else’s perspective, how somebody else did it. So rarely do we actually turn within to see what we already know about the things that we should be doing, the things that we could have done, the things that we would have done, had we not been afraid to do it. That’s the biggest thing with the knowing doing gap! What stops us from doing the things that we know we should, is the fear of either missing out, the fear of criticism, the fear of what other people are going to think about us and it holds us back from who we truly are. From having what we really want.  From doing the things we really want to do. Being the person that we truly know we’re meant to be, and living the life of our dreams.

Now I know, to some of you this all sounds like a whole bunch of hooey, or meditative bullshit or hippie dippie crap, but it’s true. If you don’t like what you hearing take a look in the mirror. Are you living the life that you want to live? Do you have the relationship you want to have? Do you have the financial abundance that you know you want?

When you stop judging the message, and if you don’t like what you hear change the channel or turn the page, but ultimately that’s more about you, because I think and I feel that you probably already know that there are things in your life that you should be doing, could-be doing, and would-be doing if you weren’t holding back.  You are falling in the knowing doing gap!

How do I know? Because I do it too. I’ve done it for years! And it took a huge wake up call for me to start closing that gap, to really decide to go after the things that I really want. And for some people that might be a financial fall, it might be the loss of a relationship, or getting out of one. It might be getting out of the career or job that you hate. Now I’m not saying to do it all at once, but get started on the journey. At-least take responsibility and start going through what it is you truly know and what are the things that you’re actually doing.

Once you start working on yourself, and following your inner voice you, start closing the knowing doing gap. And when you start closing knowing doing gap, life opens up and what you desire starts to enter your life.

Close the knowing doing gap by making faith in yourself greater than all your fears and then you’ll truly wake up on purpose.

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