What Dies With You?

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Today I’m bringing you a quote from Dr. Howard Thurman, see the other day I was coming home from a funeral and I was listening to Les Brown and he said this quote and it really struck me and I want to to see how it strikes you.

“The ideal situation for a man or woman to die is to have family members standing with them as they cross over but imagine if you will, being on your deathbed and standing around you are the ghosts of the ideas the abilities, the talents, the dreams given to you by life that you for whatever reason never pursued those dreams, you never did anything with those ideas, you never used those talents, you never use those gifts, or took advantage of those opportunities. And there they are standing around your bed looking at you while you take your last dying breath with large angry eyes saying ‘we came to you and only you could have given us life and now we must die with you forever.”

– Dr. Howard Thurman

And the question is if you die this very moment what dies with you, what dreams, what talents, that life

gave to you dies with you. For whatever reason, whether you let fear or procrastination hold you back from really going after what it is you wanna see.

I believe you’re here all here for a purpose we all came into this world for a reason and that’s life purpose.

I implore you to find your purpose in your passion, go after it don’t wait, most people are waiting for something… the next thing to happen… we have to create the circumstances  that allow us to go after what it is that we truly want. Don’t wait until school is done, don’t wait till the kids are in school, don’t wait until you’re married, until you find the perfect one, until work is done, until the bills are paid off, until you retire

All those people are constantly hitting the snooze button on life, never really waking up on purpose

It’s your job to figure it out to find out, nobody’s going to do it for you!

Nobody can take your gifts, your skills, your abilities, your dreams…and make them come true.

They came to you!!!

It’s time for you to wake up on purpose

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