Top 5 Mistakes Coaches Make When Choosing a Coaching Niche

Having a difficult time trying to decide what your coaching niche is going to be?

Not sure if it’s the right niche or if you will be able to make money with that niche?

Do you have too many niches that you can’t decide which one will be best for you?

Yep, all these questions can leave you feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and unsure of your coaching business.

The key to feeling confident with 100% clarity on the niche your are going into is to avoid these 5 most common mistakes that coaches make when choosing a coaching niche.


  1. Not aligning niche with your talent’s, strength and story - Now this one may seem obvious, but think of the story you can tell and the credibility it will build with your audience if you have gone through what they are going through. Sure you can coach people around a whole host of problems that you have never had, but the relatability, credibility and authority factors will not be there. Your audience wants and needs to have...
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