Niche Hacking & Message Mastery

Discover the secrets to deciding on a niche that will work for your business and provide you the lifestyle you crave. Get the clarity and confidence to create products, programs and packages your niche is starving for.


Pick the
Perfect Niche

Avoid the top mistakes most coaches make when choosing a niche in order to have clarity and confidence in your business.

Uncover Their
Deepest Desires

Appear to be a mind reader and discover what they truly want and what they are willing to pay for.

Connect to
Their Core

Discover what to put on your website, what to say in your presentations and how to connect to your audience's core!

Here's What You'll Learn

Struggling to find the right niche? Trying to decide between 2 or 3 niches? Do you want the clarity and confidence to launch into your niche knowing exactly what they are thinking, feeling and wanting?

  • Get instant access to 3+ hours of video training to walk you though step by step how to choose the perfect niche for you
  • Get access to my personal Niching scorecard to ensure the niche you pick is perfectly aligned with your Vision, Mission and Values.
  • Create a crystal clear picture of who your target niche is removing any confusion or doubt in your mind allowing you to grow your business with clarity and confidence.
  • Learn to tap into the collective knowledge from today’s biggest companies, like Google, Amazon and Facebook, to validate your niche.
  • Use data collected by those companies to discover your niche’s burning desires, biggest challenges and worst fears so you can create products and programs that they are dying for.
  • Discover how to avoid what your audience hates so you can develop products and programs that they will rave about.
  • Learn to uncover the exact questions your audience is asking so you can write the perfect blog post tailor made to them increasing their trust in you.
  • Learn how to create content for your business that connects with their deepest fears and transforms their mindset.
  • Learn to overcome their objections before they come up and set their mind at ease before buying your programs.
  • Discover the secret to great copywriting even if you suck at it.
  • Don’t spend thousands on market research to develop your programs and products when these companies are willing to give it to you free.
  • Discover how this 1 little tip is guaranteed to transform the way you look at your website and marketing material and produce an amazing experience for your niche.
  • Get my messaging template that will structure how you explain what you do clearly and confidently
  • Get the full Niche Hacking and Message Mastery Mind Map I use with my personal clients
  • BONUS: Get 45 minute 1-on-1 session with me! A $250 value

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Niche On Purpose

Success is rarely an accident!
Consciously create your business, decide on your niche and
craft messages that truly resonate with your target audience's core.

Niche Hacking & Message Mastery


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Niche Hacking Course

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In Mod 1:

  • Learn to align your niche with your purpose and passion
  • Get my time tested 4 step process that is the foundation of all successful businesses.
  • The top reason coaches and authors become a slave to their business and how to avoid it.
  • Understand this and you will ensure your alignment with your target audience.
  • Learn to look to your past for inspiration for your future lifestyle.
  • Guaranteed to change the way you look at your website, and all of your marketing. Miss this and you are sure to be frustrated down the line.
  • Get the mind map that I use with my personal clients to map out energetic alignment and templates to craft the perfect message every time.

In Mod 2:

  • Discover your two identities and how they will ultimately match up with your target audience

  • Without a clear idea of this you are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over

  • Quit lying to yourself and get handle on how you are showing up to your audience

  • Most coaches don't spend the time here and regret it later

  • People don't buy what you do...they buy why you do it... rediscover and dive deeper into your how your why aligns with your niche audience.

Mod 3:

  • Learn your target audiences two identities and what truly matters to them
  • Leverage the MVM formula to attract the exact right niche to you
  • What most coaches miss when defining their target market and why they spend months struggling
  • Go beyond the surface level objections to really get to the heart of why your audience isn't buying your packages and programs
  • Find the top 4 sources your audience is using to learn, grow and how you can use them to your advantage

Mod 4:

  • Answer these questions and you will never have to struggle with what to write, podcast or make a video about
  • Learn how to use this free tool to see avoid a dying niche and find one that trending right now!
  • Simple clues from Google will tell you exactly what your niche is looking for and how much competition there is for it.
  • Want to know if your niche is a winner? Competition is your friend, now here's how to profit from it.
  • Completely overlooked Amazon hack to validate your niche and know exactly what they WANT!!!
  • Use this free tool to discover exactly what your niche was searching for!

Mod 5:

  • Deciding between 2-3 niches, use this tool to see whilch is more aligned with who you truly are!
  • The one sentence that you must be supremely clear and confident about when talking to anyone about your business.
  • Attract your target audience without spending a dime on advertising! Discover how to use this course to create the perfect article, podcast or video series that your niche is dying for.
  • Simple messaging hack will instantly align your background with your audience.
  • Discover how to removing their fears creates transformation for them. 
  • See the big picture of your business beyond your coaching.
  • Learn to overcome objections to your products, programs and coaching.
  • Create irresistible offers that your audience can't say no to.

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